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Disassembling A Dancer

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From Jennifer Nichols (lead choreographer for the Netflix series, Tiny Pretty Things).

“[This] work is ASTONISHING. I’ve never read anyone who could capture the reality of what it is to be a dancer in such a guttingly raw, visceral way—no glorification or pastel sugary fluff that typically accompanies attempts to reveal the daily workings of the ballet world. This can only come from an insider’s view, and someone who is not afraid to make the grotesque and deeply dark parts familiar. There were so many moments while reading that my whole body responded because [these] words reminded my cells what they went through decades ago, or still do today. [These] poems are so detailed and nuanced that they refuse to do what work about dance typically does: paint with one wash, one remote and glittery perspective. Disassembling A Dancer is delicious yet challenging reading, particularly for a dancer, because if forces us to see everything we have struggled through laid out starkly on paper. I think that makes it important reading. So many of us tuck these realities and memories away into protected little subconscious pockets. We need to see them exposed and acknowledge them. I hope this book reaches a wide audience. It’s WONDERFUL.”

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